A million dollar question, and very difficult to fathom!


Mumbai the MELTING POT” has brought along with its rapid industrialization, a huge influx of Migrant Workers, many of them illiterate and whose antecedents are not known.  They are here to seek their fortune.  What does seeker of fortune do when his hopes are dashed to the ground?  He becomes disillusioned, and seeks an easy escape route by trading on the path of crime.  His need/ greed and get rick quick ideas lands him into the laps of drug lords, extortionists and criminal elements.  Small wonder that today, MUMBAI is known as the NEW York of India.  Thus even though we have an efficient Police Force, the rising crime graph proves that they are under manned and hopelessly outnumbered.  This then leaves a vacuum, and the responsibility for protecting the lives as also the property of the citizen falls equally on the shoulders of Private Security Agencies.