Watch and ward division

Headquarters Guarding Division

Is responsible for business promotion and placement of personnel with the help of sophisticated office automation system including computers under LAN environment and modern telecommunication system. This wing maintains a Data Bank of qualified persons in the field of security, who are inducted after orientation and brief refresher training.

Special Security Wing

Under highly experienced security professional, carried out threat assessment and survey of the facility/plant or factory to provide protection. Threat assessment is discussed with the Chief Executive and once finalised, a cost effective security plan to counter the assessment threat is evolved.

Recruitment Wing

functions under a comprehensive recruitment policy to ensure a wide base and to provide the right mix of personnel for its clients to ensure Total Security. The professionals manning this wing, in addition to being experts in security, are also experts in human psychology and personnel assessment.

Training Wing

is staffed with professional security experts to keep themselves abreast of latest developments in security techniques. Preinduction and orientation training is provided to security guards, supervisory staff and security officers before placement. In addition, continuous refresher training is imparted to all personnel of the Company to keep them abreast with the latest security techniques. The emphasis is made on “ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING”.